Is Pinterest the next big marketing tool?

It’s only been around for 3 years, but Pinterest has caused quite a stir in the digital space. Its highly visual format is a refreshing antidote to more established social networks. But when you’re investing in a social media strategy it’s important to be focused. When resources are limited, allocating them sensibly to the platforms that best fit your brand and business model makes good sense both financially and in terms of your team’s sanity (and your own).

So is Pinterest an option worth your cost and time investment? If you’re teetering on the brink and trying to decide whether to dive in then these nuggets of Pinterest-centric information might just help you to make the right decision.

Pinterest is getting more popular by the minute

Comscore recently confirmed Pinterests’ status as the fastest growing social network in history. It has broken the 10million user barrier faster than any other site in history, hitting 11 million users in November 2012, generating a £1.5 billion valuation and attracting serious investment from into the bargain.

Pinterest holds users’ attention for longer

Only the other day we posted some thoughts on why users leave websites fast  – but it’s not just your own site you should be concerned with. If you’re investing in social media you want retention because that leads to conversion.
Well, although Facebook remains the leader in this area, Pinterest is putting up a noteworthy fight with an impressive average of 89 minutes on site per month per unique user. Not bad for a relative newbie, hey?

Pinterest has interesting demographics

The accepted worldwide gender split on Pinterest is 80% women to 20% men – however this is by no means the whole story. In fact research has shown that, although users in the US are predominantly male, in the UK you’re looking at a 44% female/56% male split. Because Pinterest is such a hot topic it’s well worth keeping a close eye on the emerging stats to make sure you’re marketing scientifically to the right segments, not just reacting to rumour on the internet.

Pinterest is cleaning up its act

Although the rise in user stats is impressive, TechCrunch reported in December 2012 that roughly 10% of the top 10 Pinterest user’s followers were spammers and fakes. However, this news emerged as a direct result of Pinterest launching a big clean-up operation to filter out these naughty rogue elements. That’s good news, as a pro-active data purge like this can only result in more genuine users out there ready to find out all about you.

Pinterest shoppers spend more

Recent data from Shopify  has shown that, on average, shoppers generated through Pinterest spend twice as much as those referred from Google, Amazon or Facebook. Granted, a quick search on “Pinterest Sales” also brings up specific cases that buck the trend (Amazon are less than enthused, for instance). But the general evidence does offer a compelling argument for deploying Pinterest if you’re looking to up your AOVs.

Need to implement a targeted social media strategy? Don’t have the expertise, time or resources? That’s where we come in. Our social media strategies can help you to start conversations, gather data and insights, strengthen relationships and build your brand. Have a chat with our experts to find out how.


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