Firing up a new-look website

There’s no getting away from it: heat exchangers aren’t the most sexy product on the market. But, that doesn’t mean a heat exchanger website can’t be.

Founded in 1991, UK Exchangers design and manufacture a wide range of heat exchangers for industrial, food, dairy, hygienic, refrigeration, HVAC and marine applications and, today, it is one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

However, when they approached Digital Potion, their website was in desperate need of some TLC: the design was dated, the code old and, consequently, not search engine friendly. All of which meant it was languishing down the natural search rankings. 

Meanwhile, the majority of its traffic was paid for, via AdWords, and, even then, it was rarely the right sort of traffic. This meant potential customers bounced off the site almost immediately, leaving UK Exchangers to foot the bill. 

It had created a cycle we see all too often – no search-optimised organic growth coupled with a spiralling AdWords budget. Their website was costing them money and yet not providing any real marketing or functionality benefits. 

With the team’s agreement, we went back to the drawing board. The only thing we couldn’t touch was the brand itself, which was strong and used in other capacities, such as its truck liveries. 

We took the team through a complete redesign process, using their existing brand colours as our launching point. We created a series of bold blue and red teasers on the homepage to introduce customers to the different types of exchangers, added brand-new contact forms and created a host of customer landing/entrance points and new calls to action. Finally, we made sure that the site was mobile responsive, always adapting to the device on which it is viewed.  

But, it was the photography that turned this site into something beautiful. We drafted in the very talented Richard Davies, a pro who has worked for everyone from national magazines to FTSE 100 companies. Most importantly for this project, he’s also worked for some of the world’s largest industrial companies. He knew just how to create the perfect blend of artistic with informational.

UK Exchangers

So, while the site’s brand-new carousel features a series of brightly-coloured, abstract close-ups from around the UK Exchangers factory, the rest of the site is filled with clear, detailed images of each type of exchanger. We also threw in some time-lapse footage to demonstrate how a member of the team assembles a plate and frame heat exchanger. 

Combined with our technical overhaul and the design refresh, we were able to create a much more engaging website, offering a more inviting user experience. 

Working with teams like UK Exchangers is why we get out of bed in the morning. We’ve helped them to slash their advertising budget, grow organic traffic, and their conversion rates are on the rise. There’s nothing finer in our world than being able to help put the right customer in front of the right brand and we’re thrilled by the success that the team has had as a consequence of our work. Our partnership with UK Exchangers continues, so watch this space for the next set of exciting additions to the site.  

If your brand and website are not performing as well as you wish or are in need of an overhaul, give us a call, because we would love to help you.


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In a world full of jargon, DP has been the only company I have met who has been able to explain what SEO actually means and then had the expertise to put words into action. Our organic traffic is up thus reducing our reliance on Adwords for new enquiries.
London Orthotic Consultancy
Julian English - Marketing Director
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Digital Potion managed to get my website to no.1 on Google listings for the majority of my keywords. Since then we have so much work that I can't find enough staff to physically do the typing and have to turn work away!
Jason Laborde - Founder
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Digital Potion have their finger on the pulse! Their technical expertise and knowledge of SEO push them far ahead of any other company and we have never felt in such good hands. Every member of the team is a pleasure to work with.
Claudia Davidson - Marketing Director
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We have partnered with Digital Potion for more than five years. During this time they have always taken the lead on project direction and technical development. They have a great track record of delivering on their promises and have successfully maintained our projects with the technical expertise and high standards our requirements demand.
The Telegraph
Alex Jones - Group Agency Director
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I really couldn't recommend Digital Potion enough, the team are fantastic at what they do and really have such a passion not only for their task but also your business.
William Loughran
Juliette Loughran - Director
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Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is dynamic, an excellent writer, who makes it simple to understand. If you are looking for some fresh air when it comes to content, look no further.
Hitesh Parmar - Learning Innovation Director
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Digital Potion took the reins, leading us through the full rebrand process before building a completely new website, from the ground-up and to our specific requirements. I am very happy with the new website. It has raised our game and is leading to new and exciting global opportunities.
Vineet Khandelwal, Owner, Diamond Rocks
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It felt like digital potion were an extended part of the before nine team – partners rather than suppliers.”
Before Nine
Dr Aarti Anhal - Founder
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If you want passion, total commitment and great expertise look no further than Ed Davison and his team at Digital Potion.”
David Duggan Watches
David Duggan - Founder
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Digital Potion are awesome! We have used them for our website and digital marketing for about 5 years now, and are extremely happy with their service.
Odyssey Travels Group
Marc Harris - Founder
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The Digital Potion team quickly understood our business objectives and the challenges associated with being a young start-up, and proposed an effective way forward.
Kerry Henning, Marketing Executive, Fotech


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