Multi-site solution for a rising star of the bar

It’s always exciting when a new client comes to talk to us. Even more so when they have an idea that could – with the right digital support – see them blaze a trail through their chosen profession. We call to the stand expert barrister Quentin Hunt.

Quentin is a leading specialist in criminal and regulatory law, working out of award-winning chambers in Bedford Row, London, and has extensive experience both in prosecuting and defending high-profile cases. 

In the past couple of years, the legal landscape has seen two significant shifts: first, the public is now allowed to directly instruct a barrister in criminal prosecution cases, instead of having to see a solicitor; and the second is that the public is now allowed to pursue a private prosecution if they are not happy with the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) verdict on whether to take their case forward. 

There is no difference between a CPS case and a private prosecution, and if the accused is found guilty they can still be sent to jail. However, there are occasions when the CPS simply does not have enough evidence to get the justice machinery moving. A barrister, on the other hand, supported by a strong team of investigators, can pull together their own evidence and present it in court, with the full weight of the law behind them.

All of which has opened up an enormous opportunity for the legal industry – barristers have suddenly become businessmen, able to drum up trade through their chambers. Quentin spotted the opportunity very early on and knew he needed to act fast. 

From the outset, it was clear that he needed to be able to talk directly to two very different audiences – defence and prosecution being opposite sides of the legal coin. 

So, we advised him to create two separate websites and purchased two very specific domain names that have Quentin’s main keywords embedded within them. We wanted to give our new client the best possible start in this brand new marketplace and, by creating two different shop fronts, rather than one integrated space, we were able to properly showcase his talents, while keeping his search engine optimisation strategy as clean and clear as possible. 

We also needed to find ways of incorporating Quentin himself into the sites – after all you want to get an idea of the man you’re hiring before you make a decision. So, each website features a prominent audio/visual element. 

In his criminal defence website, this is a talking heads video that features Quentin discussing his experience and skills. It helps potential clients get a real sense of his approach as a barrister. For his private prosecution site, we switched to an animated short. It still features Quentin – albeit in avatar form – but the purpose here is to help put across a complicated message to prospective clients who are unlikely to be law experts. The animation provides information on what we mean by private prosecution, how someone goes about pursuing a private prosecution and some basics on what to expect. Both approaches are working very well.

Quentin Hunt
The key part of success in a case like this is to make sure that you are one of the first to market. Quentin saw the opportunity and with our help was able to launch two well-made and optimised, simple-to-use websites that allow him to add new content at will, within a short timeframe. It’s a relationship that is growing all the time as we learn – together – more and more about this new area of the law, and we’re just about to embark on a new inbound marketing campaign with Quentin over the coming months.

We couldn’t be more proud of the success that Quentin has already had – these sites have hit the ground running, climbing the search engine rankings at an impressive speed and generating new enquiries all the time.

If you've spotted a gap in your market and would like some advice on how to get ahead of the digital competition, give us a shout.

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We have partnered with Digital Potion for more than five years. During this time they have always taken the lead on project direction and technical development. They have a great track record of delivering on their promises and have successfully maintained our projects with the technical expertise and high standards our requirements demand.
The Telegraph
Alex Jones - Group Agency Director
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In a world full of jargon, DP has been the only company I have met who has been able to explain what SEO actually means and then had the expertise to put words into action. Our organic traffic is up thus reducing our reliance on Adwords for new enquiries.
London Orthotic Consultancy
Julian English - Marketing Director
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Digital Potion took the reins, leading us through the full rebrand process before building a completely new website, from the ground-up and to our specific requirements. I am very happy with the new website. It has raised our game and is leading to new and exciting global opportunities.
Vineet Khandelwal, Owner, Diamond Rocks
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It felt like digital potion were an extended part of the before nine team – partners rather than suppliers.”
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Dr Aarti Anhal - Founder
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If you want passion, total commitment and great expertise look no further than Ed Davison and his team at Digital Potion.”
David Duggan Watches
David Duggan - Founder
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Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is dynamic, an excellent writer, who makes it simple to understand. If you are looking for some fresh air when it comes to content, look no further.
Hitesh Parmar - Learning Innovation Director
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Digital Potion managed to get my website to no.1 on Google listings for the majority of my keywords. Since then we have so much work that I can't find enough staff to physically do the typing and have to turn work away!
Jason Laborde - Founder
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Digital Potion are awesome! We have used them for our website and digital marketing for about 5 years now, and are extremely happy with their service.
Odyssey Travels Group
Marc Harris - Founder
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I really couldn't recommend Digital Potion enough, the team are fantastic at what they do and really have such a passion not only for their task but also your business.
William Loughran
Juliette Loughran - Director
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Digital Potion have their finger on the pulse! Their technical expertise and knowledge of SEO push them far ahead of any other company and we have never felt in such good hands. Every member of the team is a pleasure to work with.
Claudia Davidson - Marketing Director
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The Digital Potion team quickly understood our business objectives and the challenges associated with being a young start-up, and proposed an effective way forward.
Kerry Henning, Marketing Executive, Fotech


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