How much is too much content?

It’s a pretty common mantra in the world of web that content is king. Good content drives traffic, retains and converts visitors, works wonders for search engine optimisation and helps to build customer relationships.

But there’s a potential pitfall here. The online world is extremely savvy to the art of monetising content these days. Advertising, paid downloads, cross referrals and so on can all be used to generate income. We never thought we’d say this – but at this point in time there really is such a thing as…

Too much content

Yes really. Why? Predominantly because people fail to think it through.

Here’s an experience we bet you’ll have had. You see a post on Facebook (or whichever channel floats your boat). It looks really interesting, so you click through. But trying to read the article is a nightmare! The page takes an age to load up, it’s jumping all over the place and it keeps freezing. What’s going on?

What’s going on is that somebody somewhere has jam packed their site with so much conflicting content that their hosting speed can’t keep up. Flash banners, animated ads and the like are all competing to load up, seriously compromising the user experience. Make no mistake, fall into this trap and you’ll alienate visitors. Very, very fast. Here’s what to do to avoid this nasty situation:

Get your hosting right:

Make sure that you invest in the right technology to service your digital strategy. If your site is a fairly static shop window there are plenty of cheaper options available that will do the job just fine. If, however, you’re running a full eCommerce operation with fast changing content, multiple referral partners operating, streamed content (for example videos of the latest catwalk show) and much, much more, then investing in fast, heavy duty hosting is a must.

Target the right traffic:

Obviously advertisers pay for a reason. They want traffic and results. And they’ll monitor that closely. If your site offers high traffic, but that traffic is meaningless to their market, they’ll soon quit. So it pays to invest in an intelligent SEO strategy that drives the right market to your site. In doing so you’ll offer quality leads and clicks, which by default you can monetise more effectively, reducing the volume of content you’ll need to carry.

Be strategic:

Don’t try to throw the kitchen sink at it. Know your market, understand how your users behave, and align your content carefully to their needs. A website can’t be all things to all people without its functionality suffering. Your website is for your customers and your advertisers’ customers. Keep them at the forefront of your decisions – always.

Finally, remember that good quality content will always win out. Digital Potion has a team of content specialists who can help you to define exactly how your site should be populated, and keep it fresh, clean and optimised. If you’d like to explore going down that road then we’re ready to help – just get in touch to find out what’s possible.


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