How to keep your website healthy

When you’re launching – or re-launching – a website, the tendency is to give all your attention to the front end. That’s perfectly natural. After all, web design is a competitive space, and first impressions will make a big difference to your following. But it’s also important to pay attention to what’s going on in the back end, and these decisions have the power to make or break your website’s performance. So what should you be discussing with your web developers right at the start of the project?

Who controls the site?

Most clients tend to assume that a content management system is mandatory, but actually it doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. Ask yourself: If managing your site will be in your hands do you have the time, expertise, technical ability and discipline to take on the job? This is important, as out of date content still remains the cardinal digital sin. If you’re not confident – or if your site is unlikely to require numerous changes – then consider the option of retaining your web developer, or a content specialist, to manage your site for you.

Who protects the site?

We’re talking here about not just your site’s integrity and performance, but also its security. Contrary to popular belief, you’re unlikely to be hacked by a human unless the nature of your business warrants their attention. But robot hacking is a different matter. Especially for those involved in big industry, eCommerce and finance, extra layers of security will be essential to protect both your business and your customers. So right from the start you should be talking to your developers about hosting and security – from simple issues like keeping your site’s platform correctly updated, to more complex questions like data protection for your customers.

Is the site future-proofed?

Technology is racing forwards at an unprecedented pace. Without careful planning, the website that seems cutting edge now could realistically be obsolete within 5 years if you don’t plan carefully. It’s important that your chosen platform and coding language are robust enough to adapt to new innovations. This is why open source platforms are a popular choice these days – but they’re by no means the only solution and many digital strategies will require something more bespoke. A good web developer will advise you honestly in this area, and should present you with a recommendation backed up with a logical argument as to why you should go down their chosen route.

Do you need further advice? Digital Potion handles hosting and technical support for numerous clients running highly accountable sites in the public space, so we’re well versed in the options. Just get in touch and we’ll help you to find the right hosting and technical solutions for your digital strategy.


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