Systems, hosting & Support

Are you giving your website's back-end the TLC it deserves? Nothing makes a website user unhappier than neglect behind the scenes, and there's nothing more frustrating than having your website misbehave, without knowing why, or being able to fix the problem.

While your website's design and function is crucial to its initial success, the framework that it is built on can also make or break your customers' experience – from finding you in the first place via search engine results, to that successful on-page or in-app transaction.

Most people will never see it, but it is your website or app's technical framework and hosting services that are expected to do all of the heavy lifting. If the framework doesn't work perfectly, it can affect your website's performance, potentially losing you those all-important search rankings, or leaving your site vulnerable to sophisticated hacking techniques. That's why websites are a lot like swans: calm and graceful on the surface, with all the hard work hidden from view.

This is the tecchie part of our job that we love. To keep your website in tip-top condition, we stay on top of developments across our industry, making sure that your website is as strong, safe and durable as possible.

We'll create a technical platform tailored to your needs that will safeguard your website's 'uptime', security, performance and validity on search engines. We'll work with tried and tested suppliers to deliver your hosting, data and marketing needs, and use our specialist search engine optimisation skills to make sure that your website is getting the Google love it deserves. We can even deliver bespoke security integration, thanks to our experience working with FTSE 100 clients.

And, in those times when you need a little extra support, we'll be on hand to help with any problem and are committed to resolving any issues quickly. We take great pride in our client aftercare and ongoing support. It's part of what we do.


Search Engine

If you're looking for greater visibility and higher traffic volumes, then talk to us. We have an outstanding track record in helping clients to climb the Google rankings.


A well-planned inbound marketing strategy can transform your search engine rankings, so if you think your website needs a lift, then a Digital Potion pep talk might be just what you're looking for.

Online Analytics
& Planning

Knowledge takes the guesswork out of decision-making. Using the best analytical tools in the business, we can help you to build a clear picture of your customers and their needs.