Online Analytics & Planning

Knowledge is useful – it gets you from A to B. Just ask a London cabbie. Knowledge takes the guesswork out of decision-making. Can't decide whether to try that new Japanese place or head for your local pub? It'll probably be knowledge (or even a lack of it) that is going to help you decide.

It's just as important for your website. Through detailed research and planning, you can make decisions on what information your customers are looking for and the best way to give it to them.

At Digital Potion, we start with a review of your business and your target audience. We'll look at what they want, what they talk about and what gets them out of bed in the morning. We'll also look at your competition to build a clearer picture of your digital marketing landscape. This research is an important first step in helping you to build and develop your digital strategy.

Each project that we work on is structured around a set of objectives that we agree with you right at the start. We won't research things that you or your customers are not interested in and we'll only make recommendations that we believe are right for you.

Underpinning all this is data. Data from web visits, data from videos viewed, data from keyword effectiveness, data from Google about you, your competitors, your customers. We even collect data about how many friends you have.

We buy a lot of this information from companies whose business it is to provide vast analytical and advertising data, in segments that we can understand and use to help your business grow. We also collect and analyse our own data that comes to us via your website and online services.

Depending on the nature of your business, and what you're looking to achieve, our meticulous research and planning process typically involves:

  • content audit and site health check;
  • SEO factors analysis to see how we make your site and Google best buddies;
  • keyword analysis to find out what your market is interested in and what your customers say about your business;
  • analysis of links back to your website from other channels to help us assess your site's authority with Google;
  • focus groups, as well as online and email surveys to find out what your market likes and dislikes;
  • testing and user observation to find out how your customers use your website;
  • and 'digital listening', where we monitor specific phrases and their use across the internet.


They say knowledge is power, so let us help you harness yours.